Date Course Code Course Name Professor Syllabus
2018/01/13-19 UM7083 /UM9084 Mercy and Justice Raymond Kwong Download
2018/Jan-May UM7123/UM9144 Leadership: Theory and Practices in Christian Perspective Otto Lui Download
2018/Feb-May UM7243/UM9244* Transformative Learning: Individual, Organization and Society* Chi Hing Kee  ---
2018/04/03-14 UM9318 Lab I:  Foundation City Studies - Xian and Lanzhou Otto Lui Download
2018/06/4-8 WR9014 Research Bridge Otto Lui ---
2018/06/25-29 TH6163-3/UM7223/UM9224 Christian Ethics: Choosing the Good in a Complex World Richard Higginson ---
2018/11/24-12/06 UM9328 Lab II: Advance City Studies - Washington DC and NYC Ray Bakke/Mac Pier ---

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Jan 13-19, 2018
UM 7243 / UM9084

Mercy and Justice
A study of the biblical and theological perspective towards the issue of poverty and injustice in society, with the question of “What makes a Christian-based mercy and justice initiative differ from others?” in mind.


Jan-May, 2018
UM 7123 / UM9144

Leadership: Theory and Practices in Christian Perspective
This course covers leadership theories of the past two centuries in the western political and business sectors. The focus is shifting from a leader-centric to a leader-follower collaborative approach in understanding the process of leadership formation in a global setting. The practicality of such theorieswill also be analyzed from a Christian perspective.


Feb-May, 2018
UM 7243 / UM9244*

Transformative Learning: Individual, Organization and Society*
The course starts with introduction to the latest transformative learning theories from scholars including Jack Mezirow, Robert Kegan, Edward Deci and Richard Ryan. Then the biblical cases on individual transformation such as the prophets and societal transformation level such as the exile, and the Jesus movement are analyzed through the lens of the theoretical framework of transformative learning. Finally, contemporary local cases of transformation by Christians in individual, organization and society level are reviewed and reflected.


Apr3-14, 2018

Lab I:  Foundation City Studies-Xian and Lanzhou
This course is compulsory for the doctoral program. It focuses on perspective shifts of leadership, character development of leaders and the creation of culture and ethos. The curriculum includes case studies, an international learning experience, daily and on-site observation of urban ministry models and integrated debriefings incorporated in cities. Students will learn to identify issues (urbs, anima, civitas), historical influences, and to reflect on the construction of networks and associations within a city, as well as ethnic and class issues.


Jun4-8, 2018

Research Bridge
This course serves students in designing their dissertation proposal for doctoral programs. Qualitative and quantitative research will be introduced for their preparation of dissertation. This course should be taken in the first phrase of the study.


Jun25-29, 2018
TH6163-3 / UM7223 / UM9224

Christian Ethics: Choosing the Good in a Complex World
This course integrates the theory and practice of Christian ethics. The course ends with a session considering effective ways of preaching on ethics. The course aims to develop in students mature and well-informed habits in moral thinking, appreciation and judgment, and equips them for teaching, pastoral ministry and Christian living.


Nov24-Dec6, 2018

Lab II: Advance City Studies - Washington DC and NYC
This course is the second core course for the doctoral program. It explores leadership opportunities and challenges of global urban ministry in a highly dynamic context. Students will interact with Christian leaders, and engage in a dialogue with leaders with differing perspectives on contemporary issues.