Date Course Code Course Name Professor Syllabus
2016/10/24 - 28 UM7999/UM9999 Integrated Urban Ministry Studies – Movement Day Global Cities 2016 – New York City Natalie Chan Download
2017/01/02-06 UM7043 / UM9044 Missional Church Fai Luk Download
2017/01/16-20 UM9114 Leadership Assessment Otto Lui Download
2017/Feb-May UM7033 / UM9034 Theology of Work Natalie Chan ---
2017/03/22-01/04 UM9318 Lab I:Foundation City Studies "Manila" Ray Bakke Download
2017/05/29-06/02 WR9014 Research Bridge Otto Lui ---
2017/06/05-09 UM7173/UM9174 Taking Your Soul to Work: Experiencing God in the Marketplace Paul Stevens ---
2017/10/09-20 UM9328 Lab II: Advance City Studies "India" Ray Bakke ---

The above may be subject to change without prior notice.

Oct 24-28, 2016
UM7999 / UM9999

Integrated Urban Ministry Studies – Movement Day Global Cities 2016 – New York City
This course provides an opportunity to study in-depth on urban ministry. The topics cover current events and issues. This time we will base our curriculum and learning around “Movement Day Global Cities 2016” to be held Oct 25-27 in New York City.

Jan 2-6, 2017
UM7043 /UM9044

Missional Church
This course surveys the theology of mission and of the church, integrating biblical teaching into field work experiences. It then explores how local churches implement their theology in building the church.

Jan16-20, 2017

Leadership Assessment
This course helps a leader to identify his/her position along the leadership development spectrum. The curriculum COURSE DESCRIPTION 92 is based on the Leadership Emergence Theory developed by J.R. Clinton in the 1980s. The theory specifies six stages of leadership development and is still widely used to equip mission leaders. It has also been turned into an assessment tool.

Feb-May, 2017
UM7033 /UM9034

Theology of Work
This course explores the meaning and ministry of work which engages people for most of their waking hours. The approach taken is biblical and theological. Issues will also be studied from a contextual perspective, and with an integrative framework. Having a theology of work is critical for both lay Christians at work and pastors. The challenges of equipping the saints include empowering people for service at where they are called.

Mar22-Apr1, 2017

Lab I: Foundation City Studies
This course is compulsory for the doctoral program. It focuses on perspective shifts of leadership, character development of leaders and the creation of culture and ethos.The curriculum includes case studies, an international learning experience, daily and on-site observation of urban ministry models and integrated debriefings incorporated in cities. Students will learn to identify issues (urbs, anima, civitas), historical influences, and to reflect on the construction of networks and associations within a city, as well as ethnic and class issues.

May29-Jun2, 2017

Research Bridge
This course serves students in designing their dissertation proposal for doctoral programs. Qualitative and quantitative research will be introduced for their preparation of dissertation. This course should be taken in the first phrase of the study.

Jun 5-9, 2017
UM7173 / UM9174

Taking Your Soul to Work: Experiencing God in the Marketplace
This course will explore the integration of spirituality and work (including business, trades, professional work, volunteer services and public services). It draws a contrast with the dualistic approach (where the upper level is for the contemplative and the lower level for people engaging in a societal occupation) and the compartmentalization of Sunday from Monday. Therefore, a fully biblical spiritual theology will be discovered as both applied and practical.

Oct 9-20, 2017

Lab II: Advance City Studies
This course is the second core course for the doctoral program. It explores leadership opportunities and challenges of global urban ministry in a highly dynamic context. Students will interact with Christian leaders, and engage in a dialogue with leaders with differing perspectives on contemporary issues.