How and When to apply?
Enrollment is open all year. You may apply by downloading the application form and sending in all the supporting document and application fee.
Is there any interview or examination?
After we receive a complete application with all supporting document, the applicant will be contacted for interview. No other exam is required.
What level of English is required?
Most of the classes will be conducted in English as our students come from different parts of the world. We consider interaction among students and active participation in class discussion as very important aspects of learning. Therefore a certain working knowledge in English is required though homework and dissertation can be written in Chinese. TOEFL® score with at least 61 iBT or IELTS score with at least 6.0 is required for admission though this is waived for applicants who have obtained one of the following or equivalent 1) Grade C or above in English at HKCEE 2) Grade E or above in English at HKAL or 3) a degree from an accredited University where teaching medium is English
How much will the program cost?
It’s a 40-credit program at HK$4,200 per credit and payment is to be made at the time of enrollment of each course. The 15 extra credits required for some DMin and DTL students are master level ones, and charged at a lower rate of HK$3,300 per 3-credit course. Please click Program Cost Estimate for full details.
Is there any financial assistance?
Financial Assistance may be granted to students who are formally accepted and satisfied a means test. It will not exceed 50% of the tuition fees. Guideline and application form can be obtained from the Centre by calling 2148-4477 or emailing
Is MDiv a pre-requisite for DMin?
In principle, yes but we do take individual circumstance into consideration, please refer to the answer of the next question for more details.
For those who have already taken MTS, MCS or MA, can they apply for DMin?
The curriculum of these master programs are usually quite different from that of MDiv, we will review the situation and recommend the students to take another 15 credits in various biblical or practical subjects before graduation if they choose to pursue DMin.
Can I apply for DMin right after I finish MDiv?
We do encourage DMin applicants to have accumulated at least 3 to 5 years of ministry experience after MDiv and the proof of such is required for the application.
For those who have already obtained MTS, MCS or MA, can they be exempted for the additional 15 credits required by DTL?
Yes, we will review the transcript and decide the extent of exemption.
Would conducting research be necessary for DMin and DTL?
We believe “city is our laboratory” and students learn from reflecting their first hand experience in the cities, conducting research is critical and would be taught at the course “Research Bridge” offered annually in June.
How to write the Dissertation/Final Project?
This will be explained thoroughly at the Research Bridge course mentioned in the last question. A handbook or step by step guide will also be available along with the appointment of Student Advisor, Dissertation/Final Project Supervisor and Second Reader.
Is this a full time program?
This is not a full time program, we encourage our students to stay where they are, our classrooms are in the cities and the cities are our laboratory. However, we understand individual students may choose to study full time according to their own circumstance and season in life.
How long would it take to complete the program?
It varies but most students finish within 3 to 6 years, beyond which extension and approval by the Academic Affairs Committee will be required. Upon registration, the Student Advisor will agree on a study plan with the student and regular review will be conducted on the progress.