Doctoral Course Registration

Procedure & Guideline

Registration Period:  From now on till a month before the course starts.

Course Registration:  Please refer to Upcoming Courses

Payment:  Please refer to Course Registration Form

Late Fee:  HK$100 is charged on each course if a student registers after the Registration Period.  It is waived for new students.

Change of Course and Refund Policy:

  1. Regular Courses

     a.  A student can change once for free from the end of Registration Period to two weeks before the term starts.

     b.  HK$300 will be charged if the change is made between two weeks before and two weeks after the term starts.

     c.  HK$300 will be charged and paid tuition will be refunded if a course is dropped between two weeks before and two weeks after the term starts.

     d.  There is no refund of tuition if the application for course change is applied after the term starts over two weeks.

    2.    Intensive Courses

     Same as regular courses except that no change or refund after first day of the courses. 

Please contact the Registrar's Office at 3577-7450 or Ray Bakke Centre for Urban Transformation at 2148-5577 for any enquires!

The Seminary takes no responsibility on modification of graduation year due to the course change of the student's own accord.
If a student is not able to complete the required course work for any reasons, he/she must apply to the Registrar's Office for Withdrawal by filling out and submitting the necessary form.  Or else, the student will receive a "F" in the course (GPA=0).